Why do managers treat hard working employees like crap?

Fucking A man! There are 4 at the most hard workers. Me, my dad, a guy who's worked 5 months with no day off and another girl. The rest are lazy assholes. I'm going 3 weeks with no day off and I have to lift 20+ pounds of stuff every night and stock the cooler. Which is always empty because day and afternoon shift don't do a fucking thing. I also have to wash the whole parking lot and pick up all the trash. me and the other guy also have to pick up the slack that the last shift left behind. So we have to stay 30 min to an hour past our scheduled work time!

And what does the manager do? Bitch at the 4 us for one or two mistakes and doesn't say shit to the other lazy fucks! My fucking body is about to give out and she gave me some fucked up days off for next week. She split my days off! I work, get off, work, get off, then another full week of work! I'm sore as hell and don't have anytime to buy a new bed, that's messing my body up even more, and I can't get a hair cut!

The only ones that know how to do the cooler are me and my dad. And He's been out for a month since she worked him too hard as well and he tore something in his shoulder. So Now I have to fill in for him. I asked her to let me train another person for the cooler, but this bitch says no!

Why do managers treat hard workers like shit and let the lazy fucks get away with everything?
Why do managers treat hard working employees like crap?
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