Am I a bad person for believing this?

I know this sounds awful, but I understand the reasons why employers would discriminate against someone with a disability.
For someone who's deaf especially if they can't read lips or are able to verbally speak effectively, it's really hard to communicate with a team or customers.
For someone who's considered "slow", a lot of tasks which require accurate math and legible writing and communication skills, more pressure is placed on the situation.
For people with bad ADHD, where it is difficult to stay on task and focus on the task at hand, they won't be considered very headstrong employees and get in trouble.
As human beings, family, and friends, people with such disabilities are just human beings like anyone else and I harbor no ill will. But in workplace settings, I wouldn't blame an employer for not wanting to hire some people with disabilities that will affect work performance and communication. I know they're not supposed to discriminate. But in some cases, it doesn't seem like it would work out.
I really would appreciate some respectful rejection of my thoughts because part of me feels bad for believing this.
Am I a bad person for believing this?
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