Was she taking aim at me?

Today at work I got put into the training room with another girl called kate and one of the mangers Andy. We were just going paper work and such and Andy said if we had any questions or concerns to tell him.

I don't know about Kate I'm not sure if she's shy or doesn't like me. I made friends with one of her friends who unfortunately left due to unknown circumstances awhile back. Kate would always ask to hang out with her at lunch whilst I was and wouldn't invite me to come along. She always helps out were she can with me which I think is nice of her and she had made a effect to talk to me recently now I'm on her department.

When are mutual friend worked at the company she was still in probation. She wasn't doing all to well with her performance so I tried to help her so she didn't lose her job. At work were told our rate must be 92% to pass probation at least but I told her I got passed on 85%.

My manager is a lot kinder then the others and I have been very lucky.

Not long before her probation was due to end she no longer was coming into work. I asked Kate why and she said "she just left" which didn't leave much explanation.

Today in the training room Kate bought up that she thought it was unfair people were getting passed there probation on 85% because she had to get 92% whilst I understand her point not everyone is able to achieve the same targets at work for a lot if reasons. She said they were lazy People and Andy agreed but said people are getting passed of on high 80s because they are struggling for staff. I kept my mouth shut the whole time but then did say some stuff about how a lot of staff are lazy. I'm not sure if our friend told her but for passed off at 85% and she was trying to make a dig at me
Was she taking aim at me?
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