10 Books I Recommend

Between the ages of 18-20 I read 154 books, I wrote the titles in a piece of paper, I just want to share the 10 books I remember enjoying the most, in case you ever have free time and want to read

1- Dead souls - Nikolai Gogol

I remember the main guy is called chichikov, and the book has a very good sense of humor

10 Books I Recommend

2- Ana Karenina - Leo Tolstoy

I remember that there are so many stories in this book, my favorite was the one about Levine and kitty

10 Books I Recommend

3- Brothers Karamazov- Fiodor Dostoievsky

There's a chapter called the great inquisitor, definitely worth reading

10 Books I Recommend

4- Crime and punishment - Dostoievsky

you might have read this one already

10 Books I Recommend

5- Resurrection - Leo Tolstoy

can people change?

10 Books I Recommend

6- Walden- Thoreau

One of the few American authors I have ever read

10 Books I Recommend

7- Oblomov - Ivan Goncharov

It talks about the price of laziness and procrastination

10 Books I Recommend

8- The art of war - Sun Tzu

"all warfare is based on deception"

10 Books I Recommend

9- Dhammapada- Buda

10 Books I Recommend

10- Tao te king - Lao tse

10 Books I Recommend

I don't normally recommend or tell people what to read, but I couldn't sleep today so I figured why not


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