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Greatest German military songs part 2

Here’s part two. Wow I have to say that I’m quite disgusted by how some ignoramuses use the guilt by association and false equivalence fallacy just because I like listening to German military songs that have nothing to do...
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What is The Last Of Us 2 about? There's been a lot of speculation and leaks and controversy about this game. I've stayed away from the leaks because I want to enjoy this game when it finally comes out but there...
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What are your thoughts on Takumi Usui from Kaichou Wa Maid-sama? Is he the best male character in Shōjo anime?

Maid Sama is a popular Shōjo anime and Usui is a big HYPE among young girls. They say that he has everything a girl could ever want in a man and more, and he raises the bar for fans when it comes to what they look for in...
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Moonlight (Outstanding Black Film)

This movie is so good i'm writing this review halfway into it. As A black person I love seeing Black films and art. The first time I heard of moonlight was when everyone on twitter felt the cast were snubbed at the Oscars...
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What song reminds you of good times?

For me, it's this song:
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When did Hollywood forget how to make a strong female protagonist?

We used to have things like this And this Now we have shit like this Which just reminds...
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Should music become more political, lyrically? Aren't you bored of boy likes girl girl likes boy lyrics? Metal can help?

Could bands like System of a down, Rage against the machine, and even heavier bands like Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth help in this turmoil with their meaningful lyrics? Or nah... I...
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Do you think these 3 protest songs are as relevant today as they were in the 60s? #RIPgeorgefloyd #stopviolence
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What "lessons" can we take from this music video? I'll let you decide what you take from it.
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Is Chucky the evilest character of all time?

The man decides to save his life hearing his cries for help, and Chucky backstabs and needless decides to crush him to death. Chucky is beyond evil. Gosh...
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Are you excited for The Last Of Us 2? There was some controversy and a part of the story was leaked and all the people who saw it said it was bad but the gameplay is so next level. Honestly I don't think there's a...
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15 of my favorite or notable Zombie Movies

So, earlier this evening I was trying to answer this question Favorite Zombie Movie? and found that I had so many to post.. I said heck.. I will just do a favorite 15 movies so here they are in order of year and again,...
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Castlevania! It is really, really good.

I had heard about this series for a long time . I didn't think it would be all that good. I had seen a few previews and wasn't impressed. Besides, the Dracula and vampire scene was just something that seemed so played...
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A Journey with Milo and Otis

Recently I was given this reply on a message "Awesome, you'll have to do a Mytake. So many people haven't heard of it (referring to Milo and Otis) but I'm pretty sure it's on Disney+ or Netflix" With that, I would just...
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Any one psyched over the Snyder Cut of the Justice League?

I mean well, the movie sucked of course. But we kept being told this cut would be special and change everything. I will watch it when it comes out. But I am not paying for it. I haven't paid to see a DC flick since Wonder...
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What's your favourite video about music?

Ntoe that I am asking about videos ABOUT music. These can be interviews with artists, interviews with people who don't make music themselves about music they like etc. Mine is probably this one, because I like the author...
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What do you think about songs that depict suicide?

For example:
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My Most Excellent 80's Summer 2020 Mix

This time there was much less a flow and simply songs that I connected with. Some songs I am revisiting from hearing again and others I am rehearing in a new way. It's interesting, a couple years back I would have pushed...
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Goku vs Superman who would win?
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