I Love Saving Elephants With The Elephant Pants!

One day I found some cute pattered boho style pants that had elephants on them. I didn't buy them and I never thought to look at the company. I went home and just looked up "elephant pants," never thinking I would find anything by searching such a broad topic, but then I found one.

The Elephant Pants, this company had the pants I saw and a lot of other clothing items too. I looked around on the website and read what the company was all about, soon enough I saw that this company donated 10% of your order to the African Wildlife Foundation to save elephants. I didn't realize how endangered elephants were becoming, people killing them for their Ivory tusks, and about every 15 minutes an elephant is killed.

Elephant poaching is a huge problem, 70% of ivory is traded to China because people think it is easily sustainable so they keep using it. Everyone knows elephants and how big they are, and another problem elephants face is not having enough land or even a habitat; farmers burn areas to build crops and they become humanized. It is estimated that by 2025 it will be a world without elephants...is that a world you want to live in?

The Elephant Pants is donating money to help stop these problems and to save the elephants, with every purchase. I immediately fell in love with the company when I knew what good things they were doing to help save elephants, and because of the super comfy and cute clothes. Because of all this I became an ambassador so I could share to everyone this good cause that The Elephant Pants is. So help save the elephants and feel damn good.

If you want to save money while saving elephants use my code: Elisabethhale10

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  • Nice ad.
    They would go well with my ivory belt buckle.

    • It's not an ad.. it is a real problem. Elephant population is decreasing because people want to kill them for their ivory. I wanted to let people know about the company because they donate to save elephants, and they even have a collection to help save turtles. I put the website and my code on there so people would be able to see that it goes to a good cause.

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