Asian girls? Skin color? Skinny or curvy?

What do guys think of Asian girls? Also, do they prefer if we have tan or pale skin? Because honestly, I don't want to look like a malnourished ghost, so I don't go out of my way to have pasty white skin. My skin is pretty tan and it's taken on a golden hue which my American friends compliment me on, but when I go back to China, my relatives tell me look like a farmer. (How pleasant). Also, do they prefer girls to be skinny or curvy? Most Asian girls are stick thin, but I'm not. I have boobs and an ass which kind of makes me feel like some type of Asian mutant because none of the other Asian girls do? Thanks for answering :)
Oh and I'm 5'6"
Oh and by curvy, I didn't mean fat. Like a lot of obese girls use that word to disguise their obesity. I have a small waist, but boobs and a butt. In conclusion, not fat.


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  • Different people and different cultures have different standards of beauty.
    I'm sure you're beautiful though. Stop worrying, you're not abnormal, you're just you.
    Beauty is more than just skin deep.


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  • To be fair I really like Asian girls... I don't really mind if they're skinny or curvy, I tend to go for a pretty face! So I can like both types honestly.

  • Curvy, yessss. Your mutation is a good mutation in my book. Tan is also more preferable to me, but it's not that big of a deal. In general, Asian girls are pretty great.

  • I like Asian girls, especially the petite ones. Skin colour, as as she isn't so dark as to start to look like she is mixed African/Asian heritage I don't care. And as for skinny vs other, I like petite girls the most, that's just personal preference. But I am also attracted to other body types as well, however there are some issues with using the word curvy to describe a body type, given the recent changes as to what it means to certain people.

    I like curvy women in the sense of an hourglass figure, and I think that most men can confirm that when they say that they like "curvy" women, they are speaking in a similar sense. However, the term curvy has now been taken and turned into a word that is loosely synonymous to "anywhere between average to obese". Having an ass and boobs, but otherwise a fit/healthy figure fits the proper definition of curvy. Bouldereque however, does not, as circles only have one continuous curve.


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  • Never knew there were curvy Asian girls (except Indian girls)...

    I think they don't really care, as long as you're moderately in shape and have a cute face.

  • I love Asians with darker skin. Honestly the darker the better. Bit body type doesn't really matter to me

  • How tall are you?


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