Does anyone's converse shoes ever rip at the sides?

I've been wearing converse shoes since 2009 and every pair I've owned have ripped at the side apart from one pair. According to my friends etc.. When I walk I rub my feet hit each other without me realising.
I normally get size 6 converse (only size I've ever bought) I have a bit of room in the shoe but they're not huge on me..
Last weekend I went out with my bestie and she let me borrow her high top converse which are a size 5 and they seem to fit me perfect..
I'm asking this question because it never happens to my friends only me.. Maybe I should start buying size 5 shoes D:


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  • Nope. My chucks just get REALLY thin in the bottom.

    • Mine don't really get thin.. I just have the ripping problem. My ex's shoes never did it, we both always wondered how I managed it :')

    • Yeah everyone is different. My sister manages to get a tiny hole on the side of it.

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  • Yessssss!
    They get ripped kind of fast too...

  • No, my soles usually wear out though.
    Maybe you should start buying those size 5's.


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