What does it feel like wearing skirt and tights?

What does it feeling like wearing a skirt and tights


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  • Honestly? Wearing a dress makes me feel like I'm a princess or like I'm very beautiful. Tights feel soft and a bit constricting in a good way.

    In the heat of the summer a light cotton dress feels like I'm wearing nothing. The breeze is able to go up the skirt and through the fabric.

    I agree with iliketigers about the squished feeling of pencil skirts. I never wear them because they make me too conscious of my backside and I'm not comfortable tucking my top in and showing my tummy. Give me the loose skater dresses anyday.


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  • Tights dont really feel like anything until you take them off. then they make your legs feel really tingly and awesome. A skirt. hmm... skater or a-line skirts, depending on the length, it feels like you're not wearing anything (shorter) or that you are tethered (midcalf or longer). pencil skirts make you feel like you're a mermaid because your legs are squished together.

  • It feels like if you're wearing your boxers, your pants and some shorts over your pants, haha.

  • Tights don't feel like much and it depends on the skirt


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