What features would you associate with an Arab face?

I'm Arab and people always tell me I look white and I know its kind off odd to have an Arab person with green eyes and light skin but does that automatically make you look un-middle eastern

my nose isn't really big either its like average but with a middle eastern shape to it- no bump

I'm not even mixed- but some brown people think I look brown and I think I do too

am I automatically excluded from the Arab category of looks?

oh by the way I'm a girl


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  • First of all I'm a white american, just so you know where I'm coming from. One of my best friends during highschool was half-persian, but he looked pretty white, mostly because he was only dark when he got a tan, he shaved a lot, and his face was really generic looking, so he came off as something close to italian.

    When I think arab, I think like Jafar from Aladdin. Facial hair, brown skin, long nose. Actual arabs probably have a better idea than me though of what makes someone look arabian.

    • Lol well I'm a girl and I'm not veryu hairy, I'm actually not hairies then the average white girl

    • Nooo, Arabs generally have soft features. Their noses are like buttons and they have really big lips. Prominent facial shapes too. & im talking about the women. Jaffar in Aladdin portrayed him as dark and the long nose was a stereotype for a witch. Generally speaking, he was an evil character hence his colour being dark and facial features being a bit off - long face, you get the picture. But all in all, Arabs have soft features. The big bridge noses I think you're consuming for Pakistanis.

    • & adding on from that, Arabs are white in colour. People often will confuse them for white people if they mixed in with the Caucasian race. They do also have green/ blue almond shaped eyes, or desert orange.

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  • No, most Arabs have light skin and hazel/green eyes, especially ones form the Levant. My grandma was Sicilian but she had that Arab nose you are talking about, and I also see a lot of Arabs with deeper and bigger eyes...just an observation I made. Some people have told me I looked Arab to them actually; you can judge for yourself in my profile but I guess it's mostly the dark hair and eyes with the stubble they were judging.

  • i think it's not about nationality but more on regions. meditraneans, persians n israelites tend to look alike. so does chinese, japanese, korwans vietnamese and people from northern parts of indo china. native indonesian, malaysian and australian aborigines looked more like central Africans. modern americans are mixed up already because they consist of immigrants and settlers frm all over the world. that's why American caucasian doesn't look much alike european caucasians. it's the same in malaysia, racial melting pot.

  • where are you from ? I am Lebanese... and profoundly lebanese peolpe are nothing like arabs in looks... Well in the western regions.. they have this idea of arabslooking like "osama bin laden" and in most movies, an arab is a brown coloured skinned person. black or brown eyes and filthy looking ... and for men... it is thought that all arabs grow beards , and women wear scarfs... so its more of what they are used to than what we " arabs" look like .

  • lol well I'm brown as well

    but to me I can spot a arab or a brownie anywhere

    esp from their name first or last and also their face structure as well

    idk I can just tell if someone is arab or not

    • Even with my feature discription? :)

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    • P.s. I love how you put my nose isn't big


    • Lol, well just incase you needed that to know how "arab looking" I am ;)

  • does tht really bother you?

    • Well it doesn't really bother me as much as I was just like y don't people think I'm my ethnicity?

      y, do you think its better to look white?

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    • What? Y?

      ur not even white.

    • Just a preference nothing else

  • What features would I associate with an arab face?

    A bomb :D

    • Umm, I said facial features

      and not all arabs are terrorists, thank you very much :)

    • Hahaha I was only joking, I have lots of arab friends

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  • I have some Arab blood in my family, so I guess I am somewhat Arab. But, I know so many Arabic people and they're all different. Some have green eyes, some have blue eyes and some of them have brown eyes. When I think of Arabic people, I think of light skin tone and BIG eyes haha. I don't know why, but that's just me.

    Even if you DON'T "look" like an Arab, doesn't mean you're not an Arab. So to answer your question, No you are not automatically excluded from the Arab category of looks. People think I am Egyptian but that doesn't change the fact that I am not. You know what I mean?

    Well, hopefully this wasn't confusing and was of some help at least.

  • I'm Arabic, my parents are atleast, I was raised abroad. But I don't look arabic at all, noone ever suspects me of being Arabic unless I tell them in fact they think I'm European. I have dark blond hair, and brown eyes and I am in no way hairy :p

  • am arab, and I been told I don't look arab at all too. not a big deal

  • because of pale skin in some Arab girls because if they aren't in sunlight a lot or because of genetics