Which men's hairstyle do white girls prefer, spiky hair or short flat hair?

I am actually considering spiky hair because I think it can make me look taller, but I also want to look good at the same time

Spiky Hair
Which men's hairstyle do white girls prefer, spiky hair or short flat hair?

Short Flat Hair

  • Spiky hair - like Zac Efron
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  • Short flat hair - like Daniel Craig
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think it depends on the age. The flat hair is more mature, the spiky hair seems more youthful. So at your age, the spiky hair might be more attractive.

    • So if I am into MILFs, then I should choose the second option?

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    • But like I just said, the appeal for MILFs of sleeping with younger guys is that they are younger. Making yourself look older gets rid of that extra excitement, that was my point.

    • Fair enough

Most Helpful Guy

  • Interesting point by Fauchelvent about the mature look being short and flat because I had almost pressed short and flat before I finished the question but as she said up to 21 or so the spiky look is probably more popular. So in the end I called it a tie and didn't vote.


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  • The spikey hair is kinda just a blah spikey, it's not even spikey really

  • Either are fine - just don't put too much product in it! Crunchy hair doesn't invite caressing hands!


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