What Does The Word "Beautiful" Mean To Guys?

I met this guy over the weekend and we hung out. He kept calling me beautiful but he also used the word sexy. What does it mean when a guy uses these words. We ended up making out and I really want to call him because he seems very interesting but I don't know if he will be weirded out if I get the # from his friend. We talked for awhile and I caught him staring at me a lot. Should I call him?


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  • I think the make-out session "OK's" you for a call. Don't you?

    If your not going to see him for a while then sure I say find a way to get his number.

    I also advise explaining how & why you got his number from someone else.

    Beautiful, to me, is a word meant for my wife.

    To be beautiful is a great word for a guy to use in your behave.

    He may not view it the way I view it, but it still means he finds something about you greatly unique and good.


    doesn't really have all the "great" qualities of Beautiful because it is kind of universal.

    What ever he finds sexy about you, he can find sexy about someone else. See what I mean?

    He won't find the same "beautiful" thing about someone else.

    Don't get me wrong.

    Sexy is a thing everyone wants in there partner. It is their sexual attraction to that person.

    I hope that helped. Good Luck!


    A Loving Black Man

    • So you don't think it will freak him out me telling him that I got his number from his friend? I just hope that he hasn't already put me in a category. It seemed like there was really a connection and it takes a lot for me to say that. Thanks for breaking it down for me. :-)

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  • Men with manners use beautiful because it is very rude to say to women "Hey Chick, You Are One Hot Bitch! Let's F**K!"...despite the fact I used to do just that back in high school when I was young, horny and stupid(shame on me). To say a woman is beautiful, sexy, classy, hot, cutie and the like is a compliment on all of its forms, take it for what is it worth. Billions of ugly women would murder to have your looks.

    I say give your number to his friend and have him pass it on to the guy you made out with. If he does not call back, the hell with him. He was bad not to give you his number in the first place but you did make out with him without making it clear that this was not to be a one-night-stand. Wait and see what happens after you give out your number.

    • Thanks for the advice. I know that he was a little drunk (and half asleep) when I left and he kept begging me to stay and spend the night but I ended up leaving. Honestly, I wanted to ask for his number but I didn't want to make him feel obligated to give it to me. My friend has been talking to his friend on the phone so I'll give him my number. Do guys relay to their friends when their interested in a girl or is that just a chick thing? Glad you changed your approach since high school. LOL.

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  • Depends on the person but sometimes its weird when a guy will call me saying "Hey I got your number from your friend. " Tell his friend "Hey, tell (Ryan) to give me a call. " Sexy is a good word I guess. I think it means you have a combination of class mystery and sex appeal. I would rather hear that word then hot. Hot just means you look good and are screwable.

    • LOL thanks. I would rather hear sexy then hot any day! His friend seemed really down to earth so I'll go about it that way. Thanks again!

    • Anytime. Good luck!

  • Some guys throw around words like "beautiful" and "sexy" pretty freely. Most nice guys don't, in my experience -- and certainly not the first time they meet a girl. So it depends -- does this guy seem like a "player" to you? As for you calling him, does this guy have your number? If so, I'd wait for at least a few days, and see whether he calls you. Good luck!