Describe your dream house?

Tell me the location of it, how many bedrooms and bathrooms it would have, what you would use the spare bedrooms for if there are any, the extra features, and include a picture (or several) of how you would want it to look.

My dream house would look something like this
Describe your dream house?this
or this
It would have at least 7 bedrooms (Master bedroom for my wife and I, 2-4 bedrooms for my kids, a room to use as a library/office, a room to use as a recreational room, a room to use as a gym, and a room to use as a music studio), 3-5 bathrooms, an indoor swimming pool, a large garden and patio in the backyard, a separate garage, and a guest house. As for the location, I would want it to either be in Orlando, Miami, NYC, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, or Toronto.


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  • -location- anywhere in the pacific coast, atlantic coast or gulf of mexico... all in the south. probably savannah or anywhere in florida. along the beachside
    -bath- 4.5
    -bedroom- 5. 1 on the 1st floor, 2 on the 2nd and 2 on the 3rd
    -style- i forget the name of the styles i like besides mediterranean so i'll go with that.
    -bedroom balcony
    -open kitchen and floorplan with the family room
    -balcony from the family room
    -a loft
    -1st floor is like a basement that leads to the beach leads to beach

  • Luxury cabin in the mountains, away from it all

  • energy efficient
    good thermal u value
    5 bedroom
    2 bathrooms

  • First one

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