What do girls consider a "hot guy"?

everyone knows guys notice hair eyes ass breasts and lips etc... but what do girls really specifically like in a guy? every time I ask a close friend of mine they just say I don't know and say random things like if there was just some sort of an invisible aura around guys that makes girls decide whether they like him or not. Its really irritating that I don't know how I look I'm sure I'm not ugly because people have been honest with me and say I'm a good looking guy but I don't really have confidence trying to flirt with girls so I usually just don't at all.


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  • I think I can speak for a lot of girls here. Here are some things we notice:

    - Eyes: Your eyes tell a lot about you, most importantly, eye contact. I like kind eyes that tell me the person is sincere. The color or the shape of the eyes are immaterial. It's how you look at me, with a steady eye contact, not a stare.

    - Hair: I am going from the top down here. Nice clean hair is important. You don't have to smell like Head & Shoulders shampoo, but clean shiny hair is attractive.

    - Neck: I think I might be unique in mentioning this, but I like a long, smooth neck on a guy. If you have a long hair, it would be nice to have it tied so I can see your neck. A nice, long, smooth neck makes me want to kiss all over it.

    - Shoulders: Nice shoulders... I don't mean big, quarterback looking shoulders, just nice steady ones. The ones that make me want to lean on them. I'm not into big muscular guys though.

    - Hands: Again, nice clean hands are better. Nails should be cut short and neat. Keep them moisturized in dry weather.

    - Chest: I don't like hairy chest, luckily my boyfriend doesn't have a hairy chest. If you do, just wear a shirt that hides the hair. Again, I'm not into bulky guys, so the size of the chest is immaterial to me.

    - Stomach: Definitely a flat, tight stomach. You can tell from over the shirt if you have a small, flat stomach or not. Big stomach is a turn-off for me.

    - Butt: Yes, we do look at your butts. Nice, tight butts look great even with bulky jeans. Those are nice to hold on to when hugging each other, and whatever else that we do.

    - Legs: Not so important unless you like to be in your shorts most of the time. Nice muscular legs are attractive on men. If you have hairy legs or you just don't like your legs, just stick to the long pants.

    - Feet: Unlike women, men don't hardly wear sandals where we can see your feet, so I would just say a nice pair of shoes. Just something that matches your outfit.

    - Last but not least, Your mannerism: You can have all the right looks, but it's important to carry yourself in a way that shows your confidence without being cocky. Being loud or too quiet can be a red flag. You have to listen to us and ask questions so that we know you are interested in our personality and life in general. It can't be all about you, but it's good to know something personal about you to make you appear disarming. You don't want to come across as a sissy, but it's good to see some vulnerability and softer side of you.

    It's all about balance and compatibility too. When you meet the right match, you will know...

    Good luck!



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  • First off, when I see a guy, I notice hair, eyes, arms, legs, face (duh) teeth and hands. I loooove hands so I notice those right awya, and teeth. Teeth are super important because if he take cares of his teeth he probably has good body hygiene. Good teeth and hands are just the two things I personally look at, if he has bad teeth its a turn off but if he has bad hands, well that doesn't really mean anything.

  • Me and my friends like pretty eyes, smile, nice body (abs)(and biceps)(but not to much not just like an overloaded hulk or something just so it looks hot/visibal) :) and hair also clothes like nice and clean ya know and personality well funny kind caring etc :D also many girls find shy guys really attractive not always the loud flirty type because they usually are the annoying ones

  • In a guy, I look for abs, funny, cute. Things like that. Expecially abbs. (:


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