Girls, do any of you get butt hair?

Now before I get called names, which quite frankly I don't care about and they will be ignored, I don't mean course hair.

It's the same as the thigh hair I have, it's not as thick as leg hair but not as fine as peach fuzz. It's kinda long too, like up to a centimetre. It doesn't feel rough or anything, it's just like smoothing your hand along an arm with a normal amount of hair on it, soft yanno.

But it's visible in the light. And it's embarassing, my boyfriend wants to do doggy but I'm afraid he'll notice my furry ass and be sickened.

That type of hair is hard to shave though, because it seems to grow out at defferent angles so I'm never left with a smooth, close shave. Always stubby.

Epilating is difficult because it causes ingrown hairs on these areas which turn in to red spots, equally embarassing and uncomfortable.

I'm considering using large wax strips but it will leave sticky residue and I doubt I'll be able to get all areas on my behind.

I don't know!!!

Fellow girls that have this problem, (and guys that don't like having it themselves) how do you deal with getting rid of it without making it stubbly or anything? I don't want to just ignore it, damn beauty standards.

More opinions pleease


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  • Some girls have that. Hispanic and dark-haired whites from around the Mediterranean are ones I have experienced. The best way is to wax it.


What Girls Said 1

  • I just ignore that hair, I just make sure my bikini area and do the area closest to that I cam see.

    My boyfriend doesn't seem to care

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