For guys. Is short hair on a girl a deal-breaker for you?

I'm really shy and have not had a lot of luck in the dating department. It feels like every time I'm interested in a guy, he doesn't feel the same about me. Or he doesn't show interest fast enough and I get scared and stop talking to him. Obviously, that pretty much kills any chance I had with him.

So lately I've been blaming every bad encounter with a guy I have on my hair. Irrational? Yes, I know. But that doesn't stop me from thinking it. It used to be really short, and now I'm in the painful process of growing it out so I feel like it never cooperates. So if a girl who otherwise had a cute face (so I'm told) with short hair approached you, would you automatically, maybe subconsciously, dismiss her as someone you wouldn't date? I mean, I don't want to open up every conversation with a guy with, "I know my hair is short and wild right now, but don't worry, I'm growing it out and it will be long and luxurious in no time!" But I'm getting desperate and will if I have to! Just kidding.

But really, what should/can I do? Thanks guys!


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  • Short hair can be hot. As long as you don't have Samantha Ronson posters around your room, we'd be fine. I mean, she did turn Lindsay Lohan lesbian.

    • Haha, I am definitely not a lesbian. Do a lot of guys jump to that conclusion when they see a girl with short hair?

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    • Haha I've always wanted to go to Boston. Seems like a really cool city.

    • Good guys there (me)

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  • nope I don't care but I do have a weakness for short girls if that helps at all? XD

    • Haha, well I'm pretty short/petite myself, so I guess that helps me with guys like you who have a weakness for short girls. But I'm glad to hear hair length doesn't matter to you either! Thanks for your answer!

  • Depends on the girl, pixie style hair cuts can look very nice, I'm sure you pulled it off well if you have a cute face as well ;)

    • Thank you! I noticed you're from the UK. So many more British/European women have short hair than in the states. I saw that before I moved here and whenever I go back to visit my homeland of Germany!

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