Only when I have swollen eyelids I can make my eyes look bigger with eyelid tape , help?

only when I have swollen eyelids I can make my eyes look bigger with eyelid tape , help??


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  • Ok I doubt anyone here is going to know what you're talking about but I gotchu.
    - Try switching up between different shapes of tape. When I used to use this my eyes would get accustomed to it and it wouldn't really work anymore but then it would work perfectly if I used a different kind.
    - Try getting a thicker eyelid tape. I know there are those standard ones but they can only handle so much skin. If you can't find it you can get tape which you cut yourself. It's more work but you can achieve the desired width.

    • I just want my eyes to get swollen so putting the eyelid tape looks better

    • I know, it's the same for me. My best advice is to get a wider tape. The reason it works better when it's swollen is because there's less skin the tape has to hold. Wider tape = more skin held up
      There's no healthy way to make your eyelids more swollen, only through a bad sleep schedule and injuring it, both which you shouldn't purposely do

    • right

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  • Which one of the pictures is supposed to be better?

  • try using eye shadow, a darker colour in the crease will create a more defined eye socket

  • Sounds dangerous.

  • What the actual fuck


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