Hairy belly? Question for girl + guys.

Okay, so this is really embarrassing but my stomach has hair on it, I know I know everyone has peach fuzz.. But this is brown and probably 2cm long. I don't want to shave it cause it'll grow back thicker.

Guys, would this be a huge turn off?

Girls, do any of you know how to get rid of it effectively?

Thank you for all answers, much appreciated.


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  • I honestly couldn't be entirely sure without seeing a picture...

    It might depend on what kind of tummy you have, how much hair is growing there and where exactly, and how it grows.

    2 cm is longer than most of my hairs in that area, and the ones that grow that long I don't think would be particularly attractive if I saw them on a woman...because I don't even think they look good on me (of course, I don't know how a woman would judge).

    So if yours look like mine, then it's best to treat them like leg hairs (i.e. shave or remove them).

    But I want to echo some of the other guy's comments by saying that in general, body hair on a woman isn't a very big deal. The only kind of hair that is an absolute turn-off on a woman is facial hair.


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  • Body hair can be charming on a girl.

    Eventually you can use peroxyde on it to make it less visible.

  • I think it's really sexy as long as you don't have a huge belly.


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  • i had your problem and honestly I just shaved it and as long as you shave it like every time or every other time you shower it doesn't grow back thicker I never have had a problem with it every since I started shaving it like 3 years ago so just shave it :)

  • Another option, other than waxing is to get laser treatment to remove them...Depending on the person in question, the hairs may not grow back at all or else will grow back extremely light and thin.

    This link has some of the facts about laser hair removal...


    Hope I've helped! :)

  • im going to answer for the guys...yes (most) of them will find it unattractive.

    i say (most) becasue a lot of guys would but there might be a few in the pool that could care less. but I don't know anyone like that.

    for the other question...go get it waxed.

    dont shave.

    (go get) it waxed. don't go buy an at home waking kit. go get it done.

    at frist you might have to go like once every two weeks.

    but the good thing about waxing is that eventually you don't have to go back as much like maybe once a month, and it makes your hair come back slower and less every time.

    i would also reccomend waxing the pubic area. its nice not having to shave, and the hair gstarts to grow back slower less visable and less thick

    • Using cold wax strips is very easy...there is hardly any difference between a professional and her doing it. Although it's not reconmended to to do it anything other than the legs fro the first time, she can practice on her legs and then wax her stomach.

  • If it's only a few pluck them, otherwise wax is the only way to go. Changes in hormones sometimes can cause some unwanted strays. It happens.

    • Thanks. :)

    • Lol yea. A little boost in testosterone is all it takes to spark some extra hair growth :P. Of course that can be caused by all sorts of stuff: Working out a lot, having sex/masturbating frequently, and even some foods can spark it. The biggest cause in hair growth for women though is a lowering in estrogen(most prominent with menopause :D).

  • Wax it or epilate, but the latter is quite painful.