Top 5 hottest Swedish men/?

Before we start, even tho I'm making this list... cuz I'm bored, I'm straight so I don't wanna have desperate guys in my inbox... please? :)

5. Alexander Skarsgård
Top 5 hottest Swedish men/?This guy looks like he's ripped straight outta nordic mythology! Plus he looks like 25 but he's 40. Standing tall at 194cm/6'4.5", we have Alexander Skarsgård.

4. Fredrik Ljungberg
Top 5 hottest Swedish men/?On a cold winter day, with a big jacket on and something warm to cover his face. This man doesn't look different from anybody else when standing average at 175cm/5'9". But then he takes his clothes off when comes home and you'll see this man, Fredrik Ljungberg, a retired national Swedish football player.

3. Olof Mellberg
Top 5 hottest Swedish men/?
At number three we have this tall, muscular and humble man with a majestic beard. Former national Swedish defender and Premier League football player we have Olof Mellberg, standing tall at 188cm/6'2", this might be the man, men should look up to!

2. Prince Carl Philip
Top 5 hottest Swedish men/?
At number two we have the prince of Sweden, Carl Philip. Even though he the prince, he's actually a pretty normal guy, I mean except for super rich... he's passionate about his cars, he likes racing and he loves to play video games but now that he's a father he doesn't have as much time to do that. Standing quite tall at 180cm/5'11" we have this noble man.


Just like Watch Mojo says, here are a few honorable mentions... or just one in this case...

Markus Rosenberg
Top 5 hottest Swedish men/?
Here is the honorable mention! Standing tall at 184 cm/6'0.5", we have this gentleman (Not so much on the pitch), football player. Known for his humor and very funny personality. One of the best and most passionate player in the swedish league.

Uhm... has anyone noticed he kinda looks like the Green Arrow?

1. Måns Zelmerlöv
Top 5 hottest Swedish men/?
And at number one we have this funny guy and great singer known as Måns Zelmerlöv. Winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with his song, "Heroes". Also standing quite tall at 180cm/5'11" we have this very humble and funny guy who loves his dogs!
Top 5 hottest Swedish men/?


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