Underwear questions?

1) What underwear do you wear?
2) How often do you change it?
3) Which is your favorite color?
4) Have you ever wear the same pair for 2 days or more?
5) what is your size?
6) How often do you buy new pairs
7) Which is your favorite brand
Do you own printed underwear? for example ( Disney characters or looney tunes?)
9) Do you like panty lines?
10) Do you sleep in the same underwear or you change it before bed?
11) Do you walk around the House in your underwears?
12) Does your parents know your underwears?
13) Does your friends know your underwears?
14) Girls, Do you Carry an Extra pair of panties in your school bag or purse?
15) When you go for underwear shopping, who is the person that you take with you?
16) What underwears do you prefer for summer?
17) What panties you wear with skirts?
18) How many pairs do you have in your drawer?
19) Have you ever saw your sister or brother in underwears?
20) Girls, if your sister take one of your panties , you will be mad, or you will tell her that she can take your underwears whenever she wants?
21) Girls, How many of you, share the same underwear drawer with your sister?
Underwear questions?
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