Girls; Fighting a guy... What would you do?

A question for girls please...

If you were fighting a guy in an organised competition where the rules were that punches, kicks and knees counted anywhere (and no protective gear could be worn, i.e. helmets or cups etc) what would you do to win?

I ask because for the first time soon, I'm competing in a mixed-gender kick-boxing competition against a girl and need to know what she might do to win?

I'm looking for a girls perspective please...

Any girls reading this... Please leave a response of what you would target or try doing to win, as it would greatly help my preparations... Thank you.


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  • It's not just random fighting, it's a kick-boxing competition, so it's not some brawl, it has techniques and rules (I'm assuming). In that case, wouldn't she just do...normal kick-boxing moves? (I don't know anything about that, sorry)

    • Hi... That's OK, I appreciate your response. Well normal kick-boxing rules are strikes above the belt only, but in this competition strikes (kicks, knees etc) count anywhere and no protection or padding etc can be worn. So if you were competing against a guy where stikes count anywhere, where would you be likely to target to beat him?... Thanks.

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    • ... On impact of the kick I screamed in shock and almost felt myself lift off the floor, and I vaguely remember the whole audience go Oooh! as I crashed to the floor in absolute agony while she celebrated her win. I am OK now though, but I hope never to have to go through that agonising experience again! Thanks again for your replies though... :o)

    • Yeah, that doesn't seem fair.

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  • Well, most of my comps involve fighting both genders, and I usually only fight guys. Free reign is my favorite type of comp because you can really hurt people. Lol. I usually get people everywhere in the head and neck area, in the chest and stomach area i.e. abdomen, spine, kidney's etc, in the arm area i.e. biceps, hands, forearms etc, and in the leg area i.e. above the knee, knee, ankles etc.

    How'd your fight's go?

    • Hello... I actually posted this question using an old profile. Thanks for your answer, and sorry for the late reply... I only recently decided to look at some of my old questions, of which I don't get any answer of comment notifications for now! lol Would it be OK for me to e-mail you on here about the kick-boxing competition I had against the girl?... To let you know how it went and possibly ask you a few questions about it?... Is that ok?... Thank you! :o)

  • I don't believe in fighting so I'd let you win.

    • Well I hope my oponent has the same outlook as you... lol. Seriously though, normal kick-boxing rules are strikes above the belt only, but this competition is where strikes (kicks, knees etc) count anywhere and no protection or padding etc can be worn. So if you were watching then (rather than competing), where would you expect a girl to target a guy in order to beat him?... Thank you.

    • Well as for the competition I was competing against a girl in the final and going into the very last round I was winning on points, but I was so tired I ended up stood with my legs wide open, so she ran up and kicked me in the balls as hard as she could, right in front of my girlfriend in the front row, which left me rolling around on the floor screaming in agony! Tell me if you were watching front row, how would you have reacted or felt seeing and hearing that?

    • Hi... Within the last 24 hours I've had problems accessing my account, so if you've tried replying to my last comment and not been able to, that may be why?... Otherwise, I hope to hear back from you! lol... :o)

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