What are a girls signs of attraction?

What are the signs of being friendly vs being attracted/interested?


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  • In my experience, there is a very fine line between being friendly, and being interested. Some girls could just love hanging out with you, and be really close friendship wise (eg strictly platonic).It all depends on what the girl is going.

    Friends: Hang out, laugh heaps, have loads of fun, maybe a hug or 2, but not ones that linger. Just quick ones and you know she feels completely comfortable around you.

    Interested: stands really close all the time, looks straight at you when you talk, laughs at your jokes, even though you know they are lame. If you say you like a piece of clothing that she wears, or how she does her hair, she will do it/wear it more frequently. Another sign is if her hugs become longer and more frequent? Or she starts to touch you more. NOT DIRTY! Like tickle you, or poke you, etc.

    Hope that made sense. But you have to know, that if all depends on the situation, and what the girl's personality is. If she is always outgoing and hugging and things like that, and when she suddenly become less outgoing and shy around you, that is also a clue and vice versa for a shy girl who suddenly starts opening up.


    • Yeah, it's kinda complicated since all girls are different. You may feel her not giving you eye contact so often and such is a 'bad' thing, but if she's shy or whatever then maybe it's a good thing.

      You never know :P

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  • lots of physical contact, talking to you more often, teasing, trying to see you more often, saying she missed you while you were gone. each girl is different but more or less, if a girl likes you, she'll try to get closer physically and/or emotionally

  • The easiest way to tell that a girl is attracted/interested in you is by the way she looks at you. Other signs include, but aren't limited to: touching you (on the arm or brushing her hand against yours then pulling it away), laughing at your jokes no matter how stupid or unfunny they are, eye contact for a few seconds and then quickly looking away, asking stupid questions just to have something to talk to you about, and twirling her hair.

    When a girl is being friendly, she will talk to you and joke around, but most of the time she won't laugh at your unfunny jokes, she won't look at you with that starry eyed "you mean the world to me" look, and touching is minimal to none.


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