Do you girls like to see a guy wear nikes or more expensive sneakers like Lanvin or Gucci?

I was thinking about buying these sneakers:

Do you like it when guys wear expensive sneakers or would you rather like to see them wear nikes or another more common brand?

I wear jeans most of the time with button down sports shirts.


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  • I prefer seeing a guy wearing common brand shoes. But I wouldn't mind seeing them wearing luxury brand on special occasions.

    I find it odd if a guy enjoys shopping more than me. But I do enjoy meeting a guy who knows what gucci, dolce & gabbana, and armani is because he understands it. I just don't like a guy who enjoys spending all of his money on new fashionable clothes for everyday wear. To me, I interpret him as being very "into himself." Generally, I'm sure that is not true. It just gives off that impression to me. But then again, I'm very attracted to him who knows how to fix things and know how to work with his hands. Just a preference :P


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  • Honestly I wouldn't even know what these shoes are.. I love fashion but I've never heard of this brand and I wouldn't look at them and be like damn those are nice shoes, they're plain. I say go for some nikes, nothing says fresh like a clean pair or nike high tops, if you want to get fancy get them custom made!

  • nikes are fine, as long as your comfortable.


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