To the guys that have a foot fetish?

not judging, just really curious. what exactly is it about feet that turn you on so much? are there certain extra turn ons, or turn offs with feet? also if you think a girl has attractive feet does that automatically mean you find her attractive? just curious. the guy I just started dating has a foot fetish, and I want to learn more about it.


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  • You really can't explain it, but the best I can do is compare it to when you see a hot guy. You just see a certain beauty in that part like you would when you see strong arms. There are varying levels of attraction for this fetish like any other fetish, I don't like to watch crusher videos or anything like that, I guess that you could say that once you know what true beauty is you can appreciate it and see it in all things, including feet.

    PS I just mainly like to massage and kiss that's about it.


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  • Feet turn on:
    Young looking
    Innocent (no tattoos, etc.)
    Smell clean
    School girl tease
    Light colored toe nails
    Clean cut girl attached to the feet

    Feet turn off:
    Wrinkled/old looking

  • I think you're gonna have a problem finding anyone with a foot fetish to talk to, sorry. They don't show up very often!

  • good question,
    - the shape
    - the feel
    - how they look in shoes
    - when a woman uses em on me
    - stepping on me
    - pinching with her toes

  • Oh God ! This can be an endless discussion. I would love to have on offline e-mail conversation on this because it will go on an on.

    In short, they just need to be perfect in theory. There is a real medical website that I found once that described all the flaws in feet. And I was so proud of myself that all the flaws that were flaws to my mind, were actual flaws.

    To some extent it is like that. If I see a nice girl with nice feet, I just get attracted to her more. Similarly, if I see an OK or even a nice girl with bad feet, I almost feel repulsed.

  • Aww shot, I type a answer and not sure if it went though. SO I will try again. Not all women with attractive feet are attractive. For me feet are just sexy, I like painted toes with bright colors but that's not always the case, sometimes feet are just sexy. Shoes play a big role for me, I love flip flops and open heeled shoes, not a fan of closed toe shoes at all. I find myself looking at feet alot. I liked my other post better. Well let me now if you have more questions and hoped this helped you some.

  • So did you learn any more about it?

  • Frankly, I think this foot fetish thingy comes from the world of p*rn. It has become a fashion only just recently, and I myself can't understand what's so great about them...

    My partner tried offering them to me, but it wasn't a great turn on. I'd prefer a handjob, the woman in heels (or shoes of whatever kind on, with nothing else while having sex), or even this male-clothed-female-unclad fetish (which has some element of powerplay in it).

    When it comes to footfetishes, I first heard about it from a couple of women who work with me (kindof). They were discussing it within earshot, as if they wanted someone else to hear... :-)

    The only thing I can think of, is it is a mild form of sado-machocism. A guy could feel a bit turned on by having a girl humilate him lightly ... and having your d*ck rubbed by her feet comes somewhat close to that. It is only midly erotic to me; because feet cannot be as sensitive as a woman's hands, mouth or breasts...

  • No joke, I come the hardest from burying my face in a pair of soft, wrinkled, sweaty and smelly female soles!

  • Mine is different, It feet but I am attracted to the socks a girl has on. I've had it my whole life as far as I can remember. Of course I didn't understand the attraction to them until I was 14 or something. I have never had the courage to tell a girl about it though which I'm working on changing but I just have not been lucky enough to meet a girl that wears what I like. I like clean (clean is a must haha) white slouch socks or like taller and thicker white socks. Unfortunatly my whole thing started when they were in style so Its just gotten harder and harder to find a girl always wearing them anymore, I am waiting patiently for the day they come back in style :-)

    I guess I'm just kinda scared that ill tell a girl and they will just laugh at me.


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  • My boyfriend has a foot fetish. It will probably seem weird to you at first because this is all new for you, but in time you'll love it ! I mean, you get free foot massages whenever you want, and you get them praised :P I guess what turns them on his the arch a foot has, the pretty toe nail colours and what not. It's totally normal.


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