What do guys think of pretty girls in one-piece swimsuits?

NOT overweight, pretty girls?

Do you still like girls in one-pieces?

Explain as much as possible.

Do guys not care if it's a one-piece, bikini, or tankini as long as it looks good, or no?


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  • I like 'em. Of course, the same girl probably will look sexier in a bikini, since it's showing more, but a pretty girl's a pretty girl regardless. If I had my way, I'd be eventually seeing her wearing everything from sweats and a t-shirt cuddled up on my couch to wearing an evil grin in my bed, so whether I first see her wearing a one or two piece is not going to be a make-or-break in my decision.


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  • I've seen some sexy one piece suits! I like it better to be honest! It shows the girl respects herself more. Tangkini are nice to, I have less respect for a girl pretty much wearing her bra and undys in public.

    • Aww, you're awesome!

      Do you know if most guys feel this way? Like what percent like bikinis verses one-pieces/tankinis verses don't care as long as it looks good approx.?

  • I'd defiantly prefer a Bikini just due to the fact they are almost naturally more flattering then one pieces , one pieces just usually means you have something to hide and you aren't very confident in yourself

    • So is it always a turn-off?

      And how are bikinis more flattering?

    • Not always , depends on how it looks , if ti shows there back or what not. Usually having a once piece just draws away from the true attention grabbers.

    • mmk I see. thanks!

  • I really like some of the one-piece swim suits. They are really stylish/vintage looking.


  • No, I DON'T care as long as it looks good. They ALL are cute, show the gils' figures N make them look hot! I don't know how to explain any ferther. No offense, I don't mean that sarcastic or nasty, just saying. I'm trying to respect your wishes...

    • haha thanks:) no offense taken

    • Cool! I'm having a bad day, being harrassed, N I don't want to take that out on amyone. Thnk you...

  • i kinda like them, if the girl has a big ass, wide hips and thick thighs, then I like it.

    but other than that, I prefer the 2-peice


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