Why do you girls have to take my clothes!?!?!?!?!

Well why do you take my clothes (sweaters, sport shorts, even my fricken shirts) I'm friends with multiple girls and they always want to wear my clothes and its annoying me

why do girls want to wear my clothes... its Washington weather and they still dress warmer than I do then later they said they get cold and takes my shirts or random clothes

i wanna come up with a good excuse so please tell me some!


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  • i never took guys clothes :( then offer! they force it onto me! they put it on for me! I rather freeze to death than to take your clothes! if I took it then youd freeze to death ;(

    tell them you're cold too! or just be honest and say f*** off get your own LOL they should be smart enough to bring a hoodie or extra jacket if they know its gonna get chilly...their own damn fault


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  • awww, maybe your clothes really smell good to them...or maybe some of them like you! it's totally a compliment that they take your clothes...but I guess they're going a bit overboard. I would never take a dude's shorts lol.

  • I think You got yourself a bunch of ADMIRERS :))) HAHA...

    True, girls would die if their crush gave them a jacket or something they've worn... :) its a compliment! :))! THEY Probbly like yoU!

    IF you still want an excuse..

    1. You want to wash it..

    2. You want to wear it on so and so day

    3. Its your favorite one.

    4. WTF is it still doing in your closet... go over there and get it.. before I make you LOL ;P

  • It's a fact that girls love wearing guys clothes. It's just so comfy. Most girls would ask their boyfriends for their sweaters and stuff, but they would die if their crush let them wear his stuff. If one of them likes you she probably thinks you like her too if your letting her use your clothes.

    BTW if you play a sport don't let them use your spirit wear like sweatshirts and stuff, that'll really lead them on.

    • well one question there's one girl she keep saying "i left it in my school locker" so how can I convice her to give me back my sweater?

    • you could tell her you need to wash it. I'm sure that'll work.

    • believe me that haven't worked, I think she wants me to hang out with her to actually physically grab it... goddamn I'm too lazy lol

  • Seems like maybe some of your girl friends have a crush on you! Its a very regular thing around here for girls to where our guy friends or boy friends clothes they are comfy and just knowing they are yours makes them special plus they probably smell good :) Don't worry about it and try to take it as a complement instead of thinking its annoying.

    • hahahaha I do take it as a complement just that I get just cold and wanna wear my sweater

    • haha well that's understandable

  • Ha ! Washington weather, mhm I love it (: , This spring has been SUPER rainy.

    Haha, I don't know what to say, girls like wearing guys clothes. I have many guy friends & I love wearing their clothes. I'm pretty tiny, and my friends are medium to tall, & buff, & you have me in their clothes looking like a child wearing their dad's jacket.

    I don't know what to tell you, We just love wearing our friends jackets (:


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  • It's a good thing. All my serious gfs took my clothes and wore them as pajamas. It's a very good thing.


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