What are guys opinions on lingerie?

Earlier today I bought a seductive little babydoll to surprise my boyfriend with. Here's a link if your really that interested in specifics: link

But browsing through the store at all the different lingerie stuff available made me think what guys actually think of it? I mean do guys actually appreciate this stuff because its a bit different and sexier or are you indifferent to the idea? Is wearing lingerie more for girls and for them to feel confident and sexy around their partner?

Maybe its like most things and its personal preference. For instance, some guys may like the dress-up outfits (like nurse uniforms) you can get while others may prefer simple bra and a g-string.

I'd be interested to know what your thoughts are about this. Everyone is welcome to give input and look forward to reading what your opinions are :)

  • Lingerie is great and mixes things up a bit with my partner
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  • Lingerie is OK, but some things you can buy are just pointless
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  • I'm indifferent, don't mind either way
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  • I don't care about lingerie at all, its a waste of time and money
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  • Lingerie is about attitude, when you put lingerie on, you're basically saying to your man. "I want you, and I want you to want me", and you're putting effort into it. That's what's sexy about it. If it was just an aesthetic thing, most men would prefer you simply be naked. You're making a statement, though, and that's the appeal.


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  • Its OK but I don't really care for it. Whether my girlfriend is wearing it or not she still looks beautiful. I think when a girl buys lingerie she might be trying to get her guys attention because he really isn't into it. When my girlfriend takes off her clothes I usually just sit there watching her because she is so beautiful. Sometimes I won't even undress just focus on her which she enjoys a lot because it makes her feel wanted, which of course she is.

  • Personally, I love stuff like what you linked to, but for both the appearance of it and for the confidence it would give you--more of the latter to be honest. There is nothing sexier than a girl who is confident in the bedroom and acts like she knows she's sexy. For the role play stuff (nurse, for example), you'd have to check with him; that's really specific to each guy. I'm not really into it, but I know that for some guys, that's a way for them to play out their ultimate fantasies.

  • I like it. What I like most is that she's putting effort in to making sex 'special'.

    What lingerie looks best depends on your body type.

  • Victorias Secret was actually originally a store, for men. No, I don't mean it's for guys to wear themselves but...it was meant to help them pick out sexy underwear for men. Hence, Victorias SECRET...the original stores had deer head in front of them, to represent that it was a male shop

    • I've heard that before, it's a surprising and interesting fact. I wonder why they started to make the stores more feminine. To attract female customers, or in response to demand?

    • sexy underwear for women*...my bad, must have been typing faster than I was thinking

    • @samhradh_ean: I would imagine it's because they wanted to take over the store, just like everything else that lots of women do. Have you ever noticed how many things were once male dominated, are now female dominated. Women and men are no longer equal. Women have taken over

  • Lingerie is too erotic for my taste. Makes things awkward when I see it (part of it is because I'm abstinent). I prefer one-piece swimsuits; a decent alternative.

  • I'm in favor of girls wearing lingerie at all times. Under clothing or without. A girls behavior changes somewhat when she's wearing sexy undergarments. I think it's a bit of confidence and some sexual empowerment that really makes a girl sexy. The link is broken so I can't commend on your babydoll but if you like it that's more than good enough for me. My tastes in sexy clothing is quit different than most but I like it all.

    • Fair enough, I'd never considered the attractiveness of a woman feeling empowered by lingerie. The whole empowered is sexy thing is something I've definitely noticed with my boyfriend.

      And the link worked fine for me so I'll try copying the link into here: link

    • That works, and I love purple and lace so double win

  • love it.


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  • I love lingerie but the last guy I dated thought it was pointless. When we would go into Victoria's secret he would throw the lingerie and bras on the floor,literally he would do this, and say yeah I guess it looks good on the floor.

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