What is your height and your height preference? And why do you prefer that?

Also, what is the trend in your exes - how tall have they been on average.

1. Your height

2. Your preferred height in a man/woman, and do you have a limit to how tall or short you'll date?

3. Why do you prefer that height range/why won't you date people out of that height range? (if you have a rule against dating too tall or too short or same height)

4. How tall have your exes been on average? Do the people you date match with your preference?

Play nicely, kids. :)


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  • 1. The doctors consistently measure me at 5'3, but I feel a little taller, maybe 5'4.

    2. I strongly prefer tall guys, 5'10 and up. I'd say 6'5 is my limit. I know some people may not consider 5'10 to be tall but that's my range. I don't have a preference for women, but I'd prefer that they not be too tall. like 5'8, for example, is not that tall to me. I have friends who are 5'8 and aside from looking in mirrors with them to see how we look, they just don't FEEL tall to me. If I didn't catch our reflection when walking together, I honestly would feel like they were only one or two inches taller than I am.

    3. I think societys standards of beauty affect everyone, even if I don't always like those standards. Tallness is associated with physical masculinity and that probably plays into why I like tall guys. Its not artificial or something they worked for, like tons of muscles (which I don't find attractive usually) but something just natural. I like it. Also, Its more so about how I feel in relation to them. Like, 5'8 doesn't feel much taller, 5'10 is okay, but 6'0-6'2 is what starts to actually feel tall to me. The number doesn't matter if my body or my psychological attraction doesn't mesh up. I say this because some people have argued that 5'8 is tall enough for me, but who can tell me what feels tall enough for me or what looks good to me? No one. Its not even about heels for me. I love heels, but I don't wear them all the time. I love flats. (I think I like accentuating my shortness because I feel at an awkward height where I'm nowhere near tall, but I'm also not a super petite 5'0.) so its mostly about how I feel with tall guys, if I feel that theyre tall when I stand next to them. I like looking up to kiss, standing on my tip toes. Its just so f***ing cute. I want to climb you, like that's part of my requirement for relationships - trees. lol

    I find tall guys extremely attractive physically. That's a huge part of it as well. Tall just looks good most of the time, on guys. I would also point out something physical that I've noticed - tall guys I've been with seem to have nice..erm...packages :) but that could just be my experience combined with a stereotype.

    And I think to a lesser extent its the message I get from society and family. Being tall generally means more respect in society. I don't want my future children to have to deal with being short, especially the boys. Its no guarantee that being with a tall person will mean tall kids, but there's a high chance that they will be taller than I am. But that's a long way down the road. its just something in the back of my mind, and I think there's also a natural drive toward genetic diversity

    4. My exes have all been tall. I've been attracted to shorter guys before, absolutely. One of the most gorgeous men I know is like 5'6/5'7. Most of the men who I end up with are very tall. I've never dated a guy who was under 6'0. This may have something to do with the fact that tall men hit on me the most.


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  • 1. 5'9" (175cm)
    2. preferred height for men 6'-6'5" , women 5'5"-5'10" (I'm bi)
    3. I would date people out of that height range but I think a partner within these height ranges would look the least awkward - also for women that would be the ideal height to kiss and for men that would be the ideal height to, despite myself being quite tall, still feel feminine and wear heels :)
    4. no exes, not even a current relationship lol

  • 1. my height 5'8"

    2. preferred height - greater than mine but less than 6'

    3. having someone taller just gives the natural feeling of being protected

    4. most exes have been slightly or more taller than I. Although recently dated someone slightly shorter last fall and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was a little awkward when I wore heels though because then I was over 1" taller then.

  • 1. I'm 170 cm tall.
    2. Anyone taller than 166 cm and shorter than 195 cm.
    3. I wouldn't really feel comfortable with someone shorter than me or close to my height because I feel like they would ditch me for a pretty petite girl.
    4. Forever alone.

  • 5'3". I like medium heighth guys. I like that heighth because tall guys are usually, to me, not my type, and short guys..I usually can't take seriously. They've been 5'11", 6'0", around there. To me, that's average..well from where I'm from. I go hard and play hard. boom.

  • - 5'1

    - anything above 6

    -i like talled guys they are just more attractive,

    short guys don't catch my eye

    -i have dated once and he was two head taller then me

    but we were friends first and I fell in love before I could

    judge his height

    i always play nice ^_^

  • i hope I don't piss anyone off but...im short and I love really tall guys

    im 5'2

    i agree with the girl below like 5'10/5'11 is the minimum in most cases. I love guys who are 6 feet and over though. so yum. P:

    i like the traditional look of short woman/tall man, I like looking up to my man. I know how tall guys feel kind of dominant and manly with petite girls and I think that's hot. it makes me feel more feminine to be the short one in the relationship too. but I guess I'm always short. and sure some positions need alternation, but over all I love sex with tall guys lol its so hot, I love the way they pick me up and toss me around and for some reason I think its extra hot to get on top and ride a tall guy. I think tall men are sexy. well, not all of them obviously. it just looks really sexy when a cute guy is also tall. I like cuddling with tall guys more...i just love tall men. :)

    i haven't dated a billion guys or anything, but all but one of my exes have been tall, the least tall being 5'11. the one ex who wasn't tall was 5'9. my current boyfriend is 6'3.

  • 5'0"

    From 5'4 - 5'7"

    I want to date someone who's taller than me, but the height difference should be no huge as to be ridiculous

    Around 5'7"


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  • 1. 5'11''

    2. 5'7'' and under

    3. I like a girl whose shorter than me but when she wears heels she's almost my height...I guess 5'9'' would be OK but any taller she'd just be too tall for me...I also do like smaller girls like 5'5'' or something I have no idea why (I think it's just the pedo in me or a dominance thing) When I see a small girl whose my age of course and she's busty (they usually are) I just want to RAVAGE, RAIL, DESTROY, BREAK the shiit out of her...

    4. 5'7'' range and yes

  • 1) I'm 6'3"

    2) I don't care about height as a general rule, but find myself more attracted to short girls.

    3) I suppose because they are petite and seem more feminine. More importantly, they seem to appreciate tall guys more. Girls want to feel secure, like a man will keep them safe. I happen to be tall and a big guy, so that need is extremely well fulfilled... Also, girls wish they were taller many times and think they are better then other girls if they are taller then them. When a short girl lands a tall guy she values him. It seems some taller girls get superiority complex, which turns into a bad attitude.

    4) varying heights, more short then tall.

  • I'm 5"10 and I don't care what height a girl is

  • 1. 5'6

    2. Preferred height would be 5'4-5'7 My limit would be 4'10 (shortest) and 6'2 (tallest)

    3. I prefer that height range because they are bascially the same height as me.

    4. Never dated.