Girls what do you like to see guys wear to the gym?

i wear loose t shirts or plain white v neck t shirts with basketball shorts usually. is it ok?

also, are long sleeve nike/under armour shirts that fit snugly but not compression tight ok? they only have the nike logo or under armour logo. thanks!


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  • That sounds OK. What I DON'T really like is when guys try to look all hot at the gym by wearing tank tops and tight shorts and stuff like that. I also hate it when they are like sagging or wearing things that are NOT for working out.

    If a guy is hot, he's pretty much going to look hot no matter what he wears, and same if he's not, so yeah all of that sounds ok.


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  • I go to the gym to work out, not to see guys, lol. That doesn't mean I won't stop to appreciate someone's looks, and body if they take care of it. Just don't over do it and look like your purposely trying to look sexy. You should wear your basketball shorts..with a snug shirt..not loose.

    • Don't forget the compression shorts underneath. Guys need compression.

  • yeah basketball shorts and I like those sleeveless shirts that guys cut on the sides so you can see their abs and stuff lol I don't know if you know what I'm talking about haha


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