Do girls like the male fashion model look?

curious to see if any of you like that look. its not the same as the AE or abercombie American model that is very muscular/athletic. I'm asking about the 'Euro' high fashion male model that is usually thinner


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  • Most American girls prefer more muscle then that, however a subset (and it tends to be thin girls) like it. So among the girls you're actually after, its not a bad look. Fat girls don't like lean guys though, makes 'em feel fatter.


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  • Could you post a picture? I'm not quite sure what look you're talking about.

    • link

      like these guys. they aren't the typical American bulky buff look

    • They aren't bad. I like the thinner guys, not like huge body builders. A little more muscle tone would be desirable though. Like the swimmer build.

  • HELL TO THE NO! They are considered to be "easy target " ... yuck .

    I go for the rugged, manly men.

    • whats easy target mean?

    • Easy target means that if you go to jail, you would attract other prisoners and they would have butt sex with you

  • I don't really care about physical appearance but if a guy have some muscles or if he is kinda tall, I think that would be more okay. Really skinny guys doesn't look so healthy to me but then againI don't care about appearances, and if ever I get to love a man, physical appearance will not be a factor.

  • No not really. AE and abercrombie guys are hot but I wouldn't be interested in them either. I tend to like the strong muscular guys who do man work outside aren't afraid to get dirty ha ha not pretty boys

  • European models usually have striking facial features, though they're pretty thin. I'm not really biased towards it either way.


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