Girl stares at me without smiling or looking away

Girl stares at me without smiling or looking away?

I would stare and smile at this cute girl to get her attention but it didn't really work, but I still try sometimes. But now about once or twice a week she will stare straight at me, not looking away without smiling... tad bit creepy but I try to smile at her and her face seems to stay neutral, I eventually have to look away and drop my smile out of embarrassment AND SHE IS STILL STARING. I like her but I don't know know what this means!

Extra: I have asked this question before and people said why don't you talk to her and its because she is super popular and I'm well yea..

Also on time she stared right at me and SMILED! And she continued to smile, and smile, and smile, and smile for what felt like 3 min.. lol I do like her but yea haha


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  • I can't answer from laughing , Especially when you said you tried to smile and her face stays neutral you poor thing . For you to say she's popular tells me your still in high school or college , So that means you probably still pass notes . When she gives you a blank look like that again, Write what you want on the note . And throw it at her , That will get her attention.

    • Lol yes I am still in high school freshman to be exact. But passing notes is not a common thing in my school, though I do chuckle to myself when I think about chucking a note at her face across a room. People tell to wave or mouth "what" but is that too awkward?

    • I pretty much figured that passing notes is not common , It really wasn't common when I was in school . You can bring it back lol , But I can't believe I'm giving advice to a teen . Not really my thing , But here goes . I know you want throw the note at her , I was kidding anyway . But yeah next time she stares , Just wave or if she's close just say what 's up . Not awkward at all , If you don't feel comfortable with that . Just text her.

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  • girls don't stare for no reason. If she is looking at you like that and that often she really finds you attractive and likes you a lot. When she smiled it was her way of saying it and also making it clear she wants you to talk to her and you should. Don't let her social status make you feel like that. You might miss out on an amazing girl.


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  • Go sit next to her next time. Actually, get there early and sit in the seat directly beside her. The whole staring and not turning away is more creepy than flirty though.