My crush called me 'cute'. What does that mean?

I have a crush on a boy who is kind of my friend also (I mean 'kind of' because it`s not like we talk all the time...we just chit-chat once in a while, and say 'hi' in the hallway..). I've had a crush on him for a while, now, but I kind of think he realized it. He`s been looking at me with a type of look in his eyes. Anyways, I was talking to him one day, and somehow we got to talking about people in school, and he said that he thought I was 'one of the cutest girls in school'. What does that mean? Please tell me.



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  • definitely a good sign. I wouldn't say that means that he wants something with you but its a start. just continue whatever it is you are doing and look for more signs.


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