Do Emo Girls Go For Non-Emo Guys?

Do Emo girls go for guys that are not emo? Like regular dressing, maybe even nice dressing?


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  • yeah, there's loads of emo girls that date non-emos! emo's tend to go more for the personality than anything else, just because they are in the same steorotyped clique doesn't mean they won't stray outside it, if your personality is right and they like your luck, I'd say your in :)

    but a girl that tries to dress emo but is not ACTUALLY emotional at heart tends to only date within the emo clique to try and 'fit in'... so fake emo will probably not date outside the 'status quo,' but these are not the girls you want to be dating anyways... fake is so 2006.

  • When I was an emo kid I only ever had two emo partners one girl one guy. its just luck if two people from the same sterytype like each other. many emos date non emos :P


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