Girls, when you look across the room at a guy?

You know when your in a classroom and look at a guy and try to make eye contact?

I'm just curious because I noticed this pretty girl, she was looking at me and tried to make eye contact then I look at her and we made eye contact for about 1- 2 seconds. Then I let go of the eye contact.


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  • Sometimes I accidently make eye contact with a guy across the room. If I just happen to catch their eye, but I'm not interested, I just look away and don't look back.

    When I'm interested in someone though, yes, I will try to make eye contact. Haha, it's not even completely on purpose. Sometimes I just find my eyes drawn to him, of no will of mine. If we make eye contact, sometimes I get nervous and break it. But one sure sign is that this is a constantly happening. If she keeps looking back at you, then yeah. Chances are pretty good that she's interested.


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  • what! you never let go of the eye contact bro! never!

  • always let her break the contact and see if she either looks to the side or down (down is usually good since it shows a degree of submission).