Do you believe that fate can bring two people together despite the situation?

I've been liking a girl for a very long time and we have been very very close friends. On her birthday, I told her I liked her and she told me she liked me as well. She's 4 years younger than me, and I'm leaving the city in 4 weeks. We really want to be together but she thinks its pointless we date since I'll be leaving. I feel the same way too, but in all honesty, leaving her even without dating her would make me feel the same hurt as well. She's the type who doesn't believe long distance relationships will work out, although she's never been in one.

we communicate extremely well and we can almost read each others minds. she is the most comfortable girl to be with and I would love to get together with her.

I know I'll be leaving for university, and many people say "there are many fish out there" do you believe that?

should I grab the opportunity even though it seems futile? or should I just... just let things go?


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  • I know that right now she may seem like the perfect girl for you, but I'm just going to share some insight into my situation. All trhough high school I was crazy about this one guy, I was so attracted to him it was almost an obsession. I saw him as teh most perfect guy in the world, and I did everything in my power so we would get together.

    We ended up dating. We are dating, and I won't lie its been nice, but when you get to university you do meet a lot of new people. I did (and I'm not even that sociable), and out of all the people I met, there have been a few guys that I've ended up being interested in. One in particular that I think I may be falling for. And in the end, my relationship with the guy from high school works but now I realize it wouldve been better to stay friends.

    And we went to the same university! it was not even a long distance relationship. I had a previous long distance relationship and it can work, but only with lots of trust, and complete love for one another.

    My advice to you right now is don't rush things. Don't start a relationship right now. Give yourself and her some time. If she's the one for you, distance will only confirm it. You'll see. But save yourself some troubles, and possibly a friendship and don't start anything right now before the change that you're about to go through.


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  • if you just let things go your always going to wonder "what if"..give it a shot theser few weeks you're here if things are good continue if not then you'll at least know you tried. :)

    • Hmm I guess I will. Thank you for commenting :)

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  • 4 years makes a difference. Are you 18 and she's 14? 19 and she's 15? 20 and she's 16? I wouldn't do it homie. But if you're 23 or 24 it's cool. Else you could potentially be breaking the law in MANY states or countries. (I noticed you said "university" so I'm guessing you're in England or Canada. Google search "Age of Consent Laws").

    Based on you "leaving for university" I'm guessing you're only 18, which means she's too young dude. On top of that people tend to change a great deal when they are in college. You are young and she's super young. Focus on starting your education the right way and let this young woman grow up. And if it is meant to be, let it be...when she gets a little older.

    Good luck


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