Is there something going on between them two?

They are really good friends. I’ll call her Charlotte and him Jack.

In my collage dorm there was me, Jack, two of jacks friends and my friend who is good friends with charlotte. We were all chilling out and the boys were playing “nutball” one of the boys went to throw the ball into Jacks nuts but Charlotte stood in the way and went “no, absolutely not” he smiled at her and then his friend threw the ball at Jacks face and Charlotte went “not his face... But not his dick either just leave him alone. Testosterone levels are high today holy shit” and they laughed. I asked Charlotte if her and Jack were together but she said “no we are just friends” so I don’t know. What do you guys think? I’m asking because Jack is really good looking but I want to know if Charlotte and him have a thing.
Is there something going on between them two?
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