Girl wants me to come over for a "movie night"?

A girl who I knew from college recently moved into my neighborhood. Her and I messed around once in college years ago, and now I'm slated to go over to her place to watch a movie. I'm not sure how to act in this situation. Usually when hanging at someone's place, I already know the person more and have an idea where things are going. I'm confused as to how I should approach the situation. I'm pretty shy around girls and don't want to make the wrong move/lack of move in this situation. How should I go about this?

P.S. The girl recently told me she thinks I'm attractive.


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  • it sounds like she likes you lol or at least trying to see if it could go anywhere. I know if I fool around with someone I usually wanna see if it could go somewhere, because there's obviously an attraction. If you like her try to get to know her, by talking to her and by going to public places too, because you wouldn't want it just to be physicial and ask her out on a date after you guys hangout a bit. I think she knows your shy and she is trying to get you to make a move like that.

    If she told you your attractive it would most likely means that she likes you too. I've only really openly told that to one guy, because I didn't think he was gonna make another move. But I also knew he was attracted to me because he kissed me. Unfortunatley it didn't really go any where and was more of a fling.


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  • Okay, lets review:

    She has told you she thinks you're attractive. Recently.

    You've messed around before.

    And now she's invited you over to watch a movie with her? And I suspect it will be just the two of you.

    Are you kind of seeing the pattern yet? I say, she likes you! Of course, if there are other people at "movie night" maybe just play it as a friend, and roll with whatever closeness she may initiate, or base things off how she seems to act towards you.

    If it's just the two of you... then things are a bit more interesting. If it's just the two of you, especially as she's just recently said she finds you attractive, then I think it could very easily be a time and chance to get closer with her, and I highly doubt she would object if you did. Just go with the feeling of the moment, and don't be afraid to take those chances of touch and cuddle; If she's invited you, and just you, plus that recent comment, I would think this is meant to be a situation where you can both be alone, together, and get close, while watching the movie.

    Good luck brother, also, a scary/romance or scary/sexy movie can be good; Something like Jennifer's Body, where you can pull close to each other for the scary parts, but there's also a few sexy moments to set an undercurrent in the room.