Asking a girl to come over and watch a movie?

Girls if guy ask you over for first pretty much date even though you've been chatting/texting for month is it weird to just ask them to come over?

She came back and suggested coffee or breakfast etc etc


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  • Yea a movie is a bit more intimate than going out to eat;

    By intimate I mean the situation can be very awkward and uncomfortable if you two don't know each other well enough yet.

    Going out to eat or coffee or going out for a movie is better for a first date :)

    I'd be very hesitant to go over a guys house to sit on the couch besides him with the lights dimmed to watch a movie -

    That set up has rushed sex written all over it :\

    • wish it was a little bit more rushed lmao met her after nightclub then text every now and then I flirt she's only like 2miles away.

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  • Asking a girl to come over to your place will lead her to assume you're trying to sleep with her- even though that may not be your intent. You've only been chatting/texting so you don't know how the other is like in real life. This actually happened to me a few weeks ago. I told the guy "No thanks" and never contacted him again. He never contacted me again so we can see what his intent was.

    • Yea I wouldn't have contacted you either lol, I've done it before and made out with girls which is fun sometimes specially if they can't get their dvd players working :P

      Don't see anything wrong with that intent most of girls I wanted to date.

  • I was in this exact same situation last week. I suggested that we go bowling or something more interactive but he wanted to watch a movie at his house instead. He tried making a move on me but I wasn't quite comfortable with it just yet because this was our first "date." If I were the one asking the other on a date, I wouldn't make it a movie date because then it's just kind of awkward.

    • lol shoot I was chokin on some girls cat hair in her apartment once and she wouldn't even hold my hand.

    • I guess it was also awkward because his brother was in the room too haha

  • I say coffee and just walk around and talk.

    then, once you're more confortable with each other, see a movie out, or you can get close and watch one at your place on the couch ;)

  • A girl may be hesitant of that for a first date because she might assume you'll try to sleep w her. For an easy going first date w no pressure, I think breakfast is perfect :)


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