Girls would you sleep/cuddle with your guy friends?

I've known this friend of mine for a while. We could talk almost everyday, and sometimes Skype through late nights. And go out for eats together occasionally. Sometimes i do get teases from our mutual female friends, that she's into me. usually i just shrug it off thinking it was nonsense.

but what i noticed recently made me think otherwise... there was this time around 11pm where she invited me over to her place for a movie (no its not a booty call, we come from rather conservative backgrounds lol). a movie that we wanted to watch together earlier in the week. i live like 10 mins walk away from her so why not.

so while we were watching, she was a bit flirty than usual. i had slight feelings for her then so decided to make a move by putting my arms around her. she took it well and actually placed her head on my chest. basically cuddling throughout the movie.

after the movie ended but she was still cuddling me and we chatted til she fell asleep. cuddling until daylight. she even held my hand while she slept.

ok so i thought to myself she is for sure into me. the next few days she seemed to act like her cool normal self. i tried to turn our relationship to the next level, asking for dates etc. but weeks after she seemed to be less chatty, almost avoiding me at times. so it got me confused whether she's into me or not. or maybe she's not ready for a relationship.

so it got me thinking, do girls cuddle with guy friends they have no feelings for? before that event, i heard from her friends she's not the type to cuddle people.

few months past, and not much progress on my upgrade relationship with her. though we are friends, she seems to avoid my advances. shall i just keep it cool for now? according to her younger sister, she's not ready for a relationship and waiting for the right moment. could that be the reason she's acting distant all of a sudden?
Girls would you sleep/cuddle with your guy friends?
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