I still want to have sex with my female friend?

basically I have a friend who claims she’s not sexually attracted to me. I’ve known her for 7 years met her working at the same place. We started off what I was thinking at the time us talking around this time she claims because she liked one of my friends we couldn’t do anything and she didn’t like me like that in that way. I wasn’t mad and I believed her but the thing is she flirts back with me it was a time she came over to my dads house and she told me at a certain point if I made a move we would’ve had sex that night. I do believe the friend thing she told me but after that we would always link up and she would have a boyfriend or something and everytime she was single it seemed like we would get closer and closer to having sex she even would cuddle with me and she had a boyfriend. I also moved away from our hometown and I would have stretches I would go missing and we wouldn’t talk. I truly think if I was present all the time and was a little bit more relaxed about it and I didn’t let it be known how much I wanted to have sex with her we would’ve did it. I know you can’t force someone to have sex with you I just feel like we both know we like each other but she doesn’t give me a chance because of what happened between us
I still want to have sex with my female friend?
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