Are men who f*ckzone women the female equivalent to women who friéndzone guys?

My definition of the f*ckzone. This is when a person (usually a man) hangs out and casually dates a woman for sex. She however has strong feelings for him thinking he will get into a long term relationship with her.

He isn’t a necessarily a liar nor lead her on with false promises. He will avoid uncomfortable discussion topics yet will treat her well when they are together. But he doesn’t call her “his girlfriend” nor identifies their association as being a relationship. The woman just naively assumes he will eventually stay long term with her. But he eventually gets bored or nervous from the pressure she puts him under and bows out. But she sleeps with throughout the entire process because she really likes him. She feels used afterwards.

Anyway I was guilty of doing that a few times with I was younger. I didn’t “speak up” about where I really stood because I knew the sex would end if I did. However when I got older I did start speaking up out respect despite knowing the sex would end (and it did). These women were initially heartbroken but at least I felt a peace of mind by not leading them on once I noticed what they really wanted.

Anyway I think the real reason why so many women play dumb and don’t speak up about how they really feel about the friendzoned guys is because they know damn well the attention/favors will most likely end if they do.

Just from my experiences most women (like over 90%) I’ve met won’t outright just won’t say “I just want to be friends” EARLY in the process. Instead they just want to keep milking all the benefits they can get from that bs scenario.

Anyway just like some women wise up and won’t sleep with a guy who won’t commit to them (despite liking them) many guys wise up to female friéndzone bs too. I haven’t had let a woman get away with that crap in over 12 years now. I call them out on it, walk away and never look back.

But is the f*ckzone something women hold grudges over to screw over other men?

Are men who f*ckzone women the female equivalent to women who friéndzone guys?
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