Women just as shallow as men? [balding guys]

Okay, before you read this, just know that I may come off as shallow and arrogant at times. Maybe it's just my pissed off mind talking. Idk.

Anyway, I'm 22 years old and starting to go bald. I would consider myself a pretty good looking guy. I've had several girlfriends and sexual partners.Once I noticed that I was starting to lose my hair, naturally I was starting to freak out about how I'd look and what girls would think of me. It's not yet noticeable unless you pay a lot of attention.

So I started asking my female friends [maybe around 20 of them] if they'd ever date a bald guy. About half reacted like this: "EWW hahah no!" The other 10 said "maybe, it depends." Depends of what? "Well if he had an amazing body, face and personality, then sure." Okay...

I asked my sister too. She said "yeah. There's more than just looks." Oddly enough, I heard her a day later saying "eww! he's bald!" when her and her friend created a fake profile on an online dating site to browse guys.

21 people isn't a large enough sample size. So I types in "What do women think of bald men?" in google and looked at nearly every link on the first 40 pages.

What I came away with was this... There's a lot of women who flat out said that a bald guy is a "turn-off". A lot of women never really answered the question. They said things like "Don't worry about being bald. There's more to liking someone that goes beyond their hair. I'm sure you'll find a women that's cares for YOU and not your hair." A lot of women said something along the lines of what my female friends said. "I mean, I wouldn't mind dating a bald guy if he was handsome, had a nice smile/teeth, a nice body and stuff." GREAT! So if a bald guy is completely perfect otherwise, he's got a shot with you?

Yes, some women said a bald man is sexy. But then they almost all used Vin Diesel, Bruce willis, etc. as examples. Okay, but not every bald guy is vin diesel.

And this is where I sound shallow. A lot of the girls that had pictures of themselves and answered "Being bald doesn't matter to me at all" were very... unattractive. Yes, it's mean and shallow... but unattractive girls and guys can't really afford to be picky. I SOUND HORRIBLE! And you're probably thinking, "You're complaining about girls judging you for being bald, and you're calling people unattractive?"

I get that. I just mean... I can get attractive girls right now while I have hair. Once I go bald, a lot of these same women wouldn't want to see me for just that reason.

It's such BS and it makes me depressed.

I also feel like women say "I wouldn't mind dating a bald guy" because they'd like to think that they wouldn't be shallow enough to turn one down. Think about it. How many times have you seen a bald/balding man in the mall, on the street, etc and thought to yourself, "wow! he's hot!" I never hear women saying that. At least not at my age. Maybe at 30-40 when almost 50% of guys start losing their hair.

My rant is over. sorry.
Women just as shallow as men? [balding guys]
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