Women more shallow than men?

Before the generalizing title invokes the rage it deserves I think I should be afforded the courtesy of explaining myself..

After reading some questions there seems to be a consensus that girls may prefer a taller guy - but he MUST be taller than they are. If you are shorter than her forget it. Skeptical? Look up the answers yourself!

In regards to men, I think it is a fair assumption that westerners prefer women who are not overweight. However, guys who say they prefer skinner girls are labelled as "jerks" or "shallow" on the site, Despite this, guys usually won't even go outright (as girls do with height) and say they definitely wouldn't date a chubbier girl.

Furthermore, it seems like weight is something people can control (for the most part) whereas height is inherited. Is it not worse to discriminate against a characteristic someone has no control over? Who is more shallow in this respect?

Of course I am aware that it is "just personal preference" -probably culturally relative and genetically predisposed too. The outright dismissal of shorter guys by girls I discovered on this site was shocking to me. Thoughts?
Women more shallow than men?
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