I lost a huge bet lol?

So I recently lost a bet to a guy... as a result he chose what I had to wear for the day with a little surprise at the end of the day. So he chose a orange and black thong and bra, a tight low cut white singlet, very very tight black wet look leggings and orange heels. So I wore that outfit all day which was fine, apart from the occasional thong showing but it was the surprise that got me... he had had his mates prepare 20 buckets of gunge/slime throughout the day and when we got back to our flat I found a paddling pool with a chair in it in the middle of the lounge. The guy then ushered me into the chair and proceeded to tell me what the rest of my consequence was. I wrists and ankles were tied to the chair... him and hi friends then proceeded to slowly and carefully tip all 20 buckets over me. My head, down into my top, into my leggings and of course into my shoes... any questions? Has anyone else lost a bet similar?
I lost a huge bet lol?
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