Are most men attracted to pale redhead women?

So I’m a redhead who’s 5’9” and very thin, no super noticeable curves but I’m happy with my body. Anyway I’m a member of a very elite gym in a huge city and there are some very attractive women here but they’re usually blonds or brunettes and have tans and some have really nice curves and fit shape too. I can’t help but feel like I’m less attractive than them to the guys at the gym. But our looks aren’t super comparable given our features. A lot of me stare at me but only a few will come and start a convo. A few men there have said I’m gorgeous and have pretty hair but that’s kind of it LOL.
Anyway - would most men find a woman with my features attractive or are the tan girls with fake blond hair more attractive? 😂
im using the gym as a main example since I go there every day and also people are wearing more exposed outfits.
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Clarification: I’m not asking if ALL men find redheads attractive. But asking if men can provide insight into this in terms of preferences and what they look for/generally find attractive. If I see any comments like “some do, some don’t” or “you can’t generalize” I’m blocking you. Thanks.
Are most men attracted to pale redhead women?
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