Okay let's just get this straight: average is okay?

FIRSTLY: I realize that personality and intellegence and a sense of humor is way more important than looks and all that, but lets be honest: not all girls feel super beautiful in todays society, and I'm just trying to straighten this out once and for all.

It seems like all over the place girls are asking this question and a lot of guys are answering that they like 'curvy' girls. (Curvy usually meaning that said girl has some body fat but isn't unhealthily fat, and has 'good boobs' and a 'good butt')

But wait... then why are our 'models' so skinny? How are we supposed to feel good about ourselves as chicas when every image tells us we are overweight and stuff?

Also, how come guys say they like the average curvy girl? Is it really true? No offense to anyone, but I'm really skeptical because I'm just not seeing this trend in real life. Maybe this is just the people I talk to, I don't know.

However, there are those who say they like 'average girls'. To which myself and many other girls fall into the category of. Like for example, take that Youtuber Onision or whatever. I don't really watch his videos, but he has a couple videos about girl's body images and how he thinks the 'average girl' is pretty attractive.

So the real question I'm asking is whether you guys think that the average girl with a little bit of body fat, and no thigh gap (not that there's ANYTHING wrong w/ skinny girls) or do you prefer something else. If so, why?

DISCLAIMER OR WHATEVER: I'm not trying to say anything bad about one particular body type. I'm just asking what the deal is with 'average, non thigh-gapped' girls. ALSO IMPORTANT: I'm not asking this for any super personal reasons. I'm actually of a very healthy weight. This is not about me, I'm just kinda curious what other opinions are out there.

Feel free to share yo opinion.
Okay let's just get this straight: average is okay?
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