Just feel like ranting?

I am a 19 year old female. I go to college for construction management, I enjoy going to the gym, and chillin with some animals. But lately, I have enjoyed nothing. This covid shit has taken a huge toll on my mental health, and it hasn't helped me overcome my physical health, which has recently gotten worse. At a young age I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, spent countless hours going to the doctors office from the age of 3-15 until I was in remission. Although this has passed, at age 16 I started having seizures, which everyone thought was me just passing out until this year. I have gone through many tests and of course nothing shows up, I am yet again another medical mystery. Over the past couple months, I have had terrible lower back pain that now prevents me from doing anything. laying down, sitting, running, you name it, everything just causes me too much pain, enough for me to hold back tears. It's so hard for me to do the things I love because of everything shutting down, and the pain that I'm in. I just got a new puppy, and I feel bad that I can't take him on these long walks that I have dreamt about doing years before I got him. Now that I'm back in school, I feel worse and worse each day. Being with friends and going to classes just isn't the same because of social distancing. Yeah, it's ruining my social life, but it is also ruining the chances of me getting a future job, I am going to have much less experience than other potential employees because everything I was, or planned on, doing has been cancelled. I'm so fucking done with this bullshit.
Just feel like ranting?
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