I have a crush on my husband's cousin?

lately i have been doing some running with my cousin-in-law meeting him at a park and now i can't stop thinking about him my heart beats fast when i know im about to see him, he's loud and funny and has a great smile and always motivates me to go harder in my training he never indicated that towards me but im always kind of flirty around him but not in a big way. i love my husband and will never act on my feelings but i still want to train with him and he will know somthing is up if i just quite should i tell him whats going on with me and then stop running with him or give him some kind of lie.

note that i never intended it to happen and i feel guilty by doing so and im never going to do anything to hurt my husband it just my feelings that are in my head.i just had to say or right it to someone to get it out of my system get it out my head.


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  • You just have to see how much less he is compared to your husband


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  • Does he had any GF..


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