Extreme sports I wanna try

Zip lines

Extreme sports I wanna try

Done this many times but like 50 meters high. It was good the first time but I'm getting bored of it. I need something more extreme so hopefully one day I can try it in a higher place upside down 😉

Kite surf and surfing

It's not that extreme but I wanna try it. I just love the ocean. I live in a "beachy" place and I've never done this and all I can think about is "shame on me". I think I'll try kite surfing soon.


Not that extreme but I haven't done it and it's like a must for me now. I've been wanting to do this for a long time and I always miss the opportunities to do it. I'll do it soon too, hopefully.


Done this, it was super small, like 10 meters, but I liked it, so I bet that doing it in a higher place will be something I'll enjoy even more.

Bungee jumping

I did it and I loved it. It was only 25 meters tall but it felt great, the adrenaline was awesome and it is something I die to try again. The second time it's gonna be better, 50 meters or more dude.

Car racing

Pure adrenaline. Speed will kill me one day maybe. Maybe I'll get hit by a car or I'll hit someone and then another one will shot me lol.

Squirrel suit

When people ask me which animal would I like to be I always say "eagle", I really what to fly and wearing the squire suit is a must for me


The adrenaline dude, that's something I really need to try, it sounds awesome. I would love to learn how to do tricks and shit, it's amazing. Something I need to try someday.


Now this is extreme and that's like the number 1 in my bucket list, IT IS A MUST, I don't care if I die trying, I'll die very happily XD what's better than dying doing that you love? Hunter S. Thompson said "anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing" so why the heck not?

Sky surfing

The most awesomestest. Sky diving is awesome but sky surfing is UNBELIEVABLE.


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  • Oh, WoW, I wanna try them all :D


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  • I want to do this!! lol except diving

  • I want to try all these too. *__*

  • None of those things because one of those things includes heights and I'm afraid of heights 😫😫