Girls, What does it feel like to lactate?

I asked this question about an hour ago within another question but I guess that noone didn't really see it. But anyway, so as the title says. How does it feel for you women when you lactate?


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  • The "let down" reflex is what you feel. Kinda feels like a warm tingly sensation through the breasts. When you feel this sensation the milk flows out of the nipples when they are "manipulated"

    • Thank you for the response. If you don't mind me asking but when women are able to lactate does the breast actually feel swollen and then after having breastfeed or something like it they feel like normal?

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  • The majority of women can only lactate when they are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    That's probably why you didn't get any response.. And am sorry to say I can't help you either.

    • Ye I know that most women won't lactate unless they are pregnant or breastfeeding like you say but I was really hoping that there were someone where who had been either of these two but I guess this is more of a site for younger people who has yet to do those things in their life.

  • Only women who have been pregnant before can answer that for you.

    • Oh also, for how long after the baby is born is it possible for the woman to lactate? I mean if the breasts were to keep being stimulated, would they keep lactating until they weren't and would it after a while only be annoying to deal with for the woman and/or be uncomfortable?

    • Oh sorry, I didn't mean to send that to you. Just ignore that. Sorry again.

  • ask your mom... maybe u ll even remember how it feels like for a baby male to get lactated from a womman

    • I would have asked if I could but she's an really religious person and is against any questions related to sexuality or is out of the normal to ask.

    • but its not sexual question at all... you r her child and its normal u to ask her

    • I think the same way but I've tried to ask things regarding the female body before but she has just ignored them or told me that I should just ask about those kind of things. So ye, She's a bit weird when it comes to these kind of stuff.

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